Television Cont'd

The Unusuals - Pilot (2009)
As a Beat Cop - A Detective learns that the department has a sense of humor and some secrets.

Life on Mars - The Real Adventures of the Unreal Sam Tyler (2008-2009)
As a Policeman - A modern-day detective finds himself solving crimes in the early 1970s.

Cashmere Mafia - Yours, Mine and Hers (2008)
As a Policeman - Female executives share their lives.

Gossip Girl - Dare Devil 2007 (2007-2009)
As a Police Officer #1 - A privileged but dysfunctional group of prep-school students searches for happiness.

Kidnapped - Impasse (2007)
As a NYPD Lieutenant - Another conspirator is found, and the kidnapping turns much more personal for King when a sniper takes aim at a family member.

Conviction - Denial (NBC 2006)
As Cop #1 - Young assistant district attorneys struggle with caseloads that test their inexperience.

The Sopranos - Kaisha 2006 (HBO 1999-2007)
As Mr. Caravalho - Tony Soprano tries to be a good family man and run the New Jersey mob.

Third Watch - Monsters 2004 (1999-2005)
As a Stevedore - Emergency personnel working the 3 PM to midnight shift.

Hoboken Tales - 1999
Four short stories using the same ensemble cast. Rob appeared in other television shows such as "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," and "Spiderman II" the movie.


Theatre credits include the Off-Broadway hit, "Tony & Tina's Wedding."